About BayCross Capital Group

BayCross was founded by Paul Enderle in early 2008 to address unmet capital needs for emerging companies in the venture, middle market, and small cap public markets. The Companies we work with span the spectrum from early-stage growth companies to mature publicly traded corporations.

These companies often are seeking a capital infusion, process improvements, or business strategy enhancements to realize substantial value creation. Our specialty is sourcing and closing innovative capital solutions to help a company grow with less dilution. This includes equity, senior debt, and subordinated debt, as well as a variety of other financing vehicles. 

Many of these companies are backed by traditional venture capital or private equity firms, while others are financed with owners’ and private investors’ capital or through the public markets. Adding the optimal amount of debt and equity provides fuel for companies to grow while protecting shareholders and founders from excess dilution.

We serve all industries, but have a particular expertise in the following high growth sectors: